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Silicon bronze welding wire-Tongling Hengyuan Welding Materials Co., Ltd. Tongling Hengyuan Welding Materials Co., Ltd. is located in Tongling County, Anhui Province. The company specializes in the production of non-ferrous metal welding materials. The main products are brass wire manufacturers, copper wire such as phosphorus-copper alloy CuP14, copper electrode, phosphorus-copper wire, silicon-bronze wire and so on. The company, formerly Tongling Metal Welding Material Factory, has been engaged in research and development and ...
HS221 is the brand name of tin brass wire. If the electrode is used, the corresponding Cu227 electrode can be selected.
Use and main components of HS221 (%): Cu60 Sn1 Si0.3Zn Rem;
Characteristic and Application: Melting point is about 890 C. Brass welding rod is about 45CM in length and 2MM in diameter, and each weight is about 0.014KG. It is mainly used for welding between copper and iron, brass gas welding and carbon arc welding, brazing brand copper, steel and cast iron.
Brass is an alloy consisting of copper and zinc. Brass consisting of copper and zinc is called ordinary brass. If it is composed of more than two elements, it is called special brass. Brass has a strong wear resistance. Brass is often used to manufacture valves, water pipes, connecting pipes of internal and external air conditioners and radiators.
Fluidity, strength and corrosion resistance, while silicon can effectively control zinc evaporation, eliminate pore and obtain satisfactory mechanical properties.
Usage: Brass oxygen-acetylene gas welding and carbon arc welding are used as filler materials. It is also widely used in brazing copper, steel, copper-nickel alloy, grey cast iron and inlaid cemented carbide cutting tools.
Ingredients: CU = 59-61%; Sn = 0.8-1.2%; Si = 0.15-0.35%; Zn: residual.
Matters needing attention:
1. Before welding, the groove and wire surface must be carefully cleaned.
2. Welding is usually done after preheating to 400-500 degrees before welding. Copper gas welding solvents should be used as co-solvents during welding.
3. Welding flame should adopt neutral flame or slight oxidation flame, properly reduce the temperature of welding, increase the welding speed, and minimize the residence time of molten pool at high temperature in order to reduce zinc evaporation and oxidation.
Tongling was named for copper and prospered with copper. It is known as "the ancient copper capital of China and the contemporary copper base". The history of copper mining began in Shang and Zhou dynasties, flourished in Han and Tang dynasties, and lasted for more than 3500 years. The first furnace of copper water and the first copper ingot in New China came from Tongling. The first copper industrial base was built in Tongling, and the first copper stock came from Tongling.


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